In the early months of 2021, my family moved out of my childhood home. Our 1920s house in the suburbs of New York was drenched in memory. Untangling our lives from the architecture was laborious and seemingly endless. Amid the process we uncovered forgotten markings, dents from incidents of play, and objects from the past. One afternoon, in preparation for the move, my mother was exploring the depths of what was our basement storage. Found was a bin of my brothers and I’s clothes from childhood.

I’ve been thinking about these clothes from my youth, how they don’t fit me anymore and are tearing at the seams. Much like my house, we have grown out of them. This form of decay by time encapsulates the narrative that is Outgrown.

Throughout the creation of this collection, I continued my collaborative relationship to material.  My practice is grounded in bringing old material new life and new material through many lives, through change and wear and alteration. In doing this, I attempt to embed the feeling of time into the fabric of my garments. I brought each piece through a series of processes before arriving at their final form. I worked with knitted segments to grow and form around the body as would moss or vines. I communicate aging with exposed seaming, dye and bleach, and the presence of holes. Outgrown explores the qualities of aged material, the moment when its physicality reflects the time it has spent with us.





patchwork dress

Look 3 of the "Outgrown" Spring 2021 collection. During the early weeks of collection development, I produced many fabric and color samples of various yarn combinations. This dress is the compilation of these knitted swatches, hand-draped on the form and seamed on the machine.