My senior degree project is rooted and inspired by the intersections of nature, science, and spirituality. I have created a 16-look collection titled “Celestial Tides”

This collection is inspired by my relationship with nature and my relationship with my mother and explores the human form as a natural landscape through silhouettes of wrapping, pulling, and exposing. Material sourcing for the collection was conscious and thoughtful, using only secondhand woven fabrics, upcycled leather, and ~50% deadstock and discarded yarn.

Inspired by diagrams for physical optics and gravitational pull, I have been using plaids, checks, and stripes as a template to manipulate and bend. A mystical experience is one that bends or alters reality. The work imagines these rigid textile patterns to be a metaphor for our understood reality and time. In manipulating these textiles, I’m bending and distorting their existence to become fluid while remaining structured, regular and irregular. The garments I have created with interacting layers of structures and patterns aim to elicit a sense of mysticism and curiosity.



Physical optics, Gravitational pull, surrealist art,
vintage intimate garments, chainmail, armor



Fabric Manipulation

Knit overlays, engineered shirring, tuck knitting, lacing, fabric dyeing